We are actively seeking relationships with the following medical marijuana and hemp businesses and research organizations:

  • University research departments
  • Growers, hemp processors, and retailers
  • Medical marijuana pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • State agricultural departments


We welcome opportunities to partner with pharmaceutical and/or agricultural companies where our collaborators possess unique expertise in product development and commercialization.

To explore how your company might partner with Botanical Genetics, please contact Dr. Juan Sanchez Tamburrino or call (716) 270-1523 with any questions or to arrange an in-person meeting.


Botanical Genetics is currently seeking third parties who may be interested in licensing our cannabinoid biosynthetic enzyme genes for use in yeast or other non-plant systems. This license would confer an exclusive ability in the U.S. to reconstitute the entire pathway that leads to THC and CBD.

For more information about this or other out-licensing or joint venture opportunities, please contact Dr. Juan Sanchez Tamburrino.